I am 47 years old.  On February 14, 2021 I had a stroke that led me to spend 5 months at the Institut Guttmann.

I have felt very well there, very sheltered, supported and surrounded by great professionals.  In addition, I have met many people who have been through the same situation as me. What I liked the most was the time I was with the functional team, I had a great time.  And also the swimming pool, although I could not enjoy it as much as I would have liked.

Going home was a step I had to take, and now I am in the process of adapting. I worry about facing everyday things.  In Institut Guttmann everything was easier and more agile. I used to work as a plumber, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it again because at the moment I haven’t recovered the mobility of my arm.

As for the drawings, both have a meaning for me:

– The drawing of the scooter is a drawing that I always made with my son, and I keep it very much in mind.  Also, motorcycles are part of me.  I have always ridden a motorcycle and it is one of my passions.

– I made the drawing of ‘Hijo Madre – Madre Hijo’ (mother and son) to represent the union that has been generated between my mother and me. We are poles that have come together. During the 6 months that have passed since the stroke, she has always been by my side.

I would love for my 7 month old niece and 7 year old nephew to have these socks!

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